Facings are layers of filling material, made by composite or porcelain that is glued on or to your teeth. This can be done to change the colour, position or shape of your teeth. There are facings with different shapes, colours and techniques.

Why facings?

Facing are mostly used to make your teeth look better. You can think of repairing a discoloured tooth so it fits with the rest of your teeth, or if your tooth is damaged in a certain way which cannot be repaired by a filling. Larger adjustments, for example the positioning of your tooth or getting rid of a gap between your teeth, is also possible with facings.

How does placing facings work?

Placing facings happens at your request or after a suggestion by the dentist. If you are not completely satisfied with the way your teeth look, the dentist can advise the use of facings.

Our dentists will take the time to explain to you what a facing is, what you can expect when it is placed, how it feels and how to use it after placement. If you want to have facings placed, we will make you an appointment so you can discuss with your dentist what exactly is being placed. Together you will decide on the number of facings and the colour of the facings.

After that, the facings will be placed. You can treat these the same as your own teeth, with a few precautionary measures during the first days. The dentist will explain this to you.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about placing facings or do you want to know if placing facings is the best solution in your situation? We would love to discuss the possibilities with you during an appointment.

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