Teeth Whitening

When your teeth are whitened, they are treated with a bleaching agent. This counteracts discoloration of your teeth due to things like smoking, eating and drinking (coffee).


For a lot of people, white teeth are an indicator of nice, healthy teeth. When your teeth become darker due to things like eating and drinking, it can give you an unpleasant feeling about your teeth. Even though the discoloration is often harmless and does not have an effect on the health of your teeth, it can influence how you feel about your teeth. That is why bleaching can be very valuable.

How does whitening work?

Whitening your teeth starts with extensive dental cleaning. After the dental cleaning, we make an imprint of your teeth, top and bottom. This imprint, called a bit, can be easily used at home to whiten your teeth to the desired colour.

After the treatment, we always do a follow-up and a fluoride treatment at the dentist. The bit will stay in your possession, so you can continue to use it, for example if you want to do any post-treatment. All you have to do is purchase extra whitening gel.

Advantages of bleaching at home with a bit

For this bleaching method, we don’t use a lamp. Because of this, the treatment is easy to execute and to repeat yourself.

Most of the treatment takes place at home, so you don’t have to undergo long treatments with a lot of waiting time at our practice and you can use the whitener at home, when it suits you.

Because of the clear instructions beforehand and the follow-up appointment at the dentist, this treatment is very safe. Another big advantage is that once the bit has been made, all that is needed is extra bleaching gel for a post-treatment.

De Kleine Wetering’s Approach

Often teeth are whitened because people are insecure about the way their teeth look. It can be difficult for someone to bring this up. It also regularly happens that people are afraid the treatment will be painful. This is exactly why De Kleine Wetering worked to receive a certification from De Lieve Tandarts. In our approach we focus on attention for you and your requests.

Want to know more?

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