Root Canal Treatment

When the tissue in your tooth is infected, root canal treatment is necessary to remove the infection from your tooth. An infection in your tooth or molar will not get better on its own and that is why it is necessary to have this treated by your dentist.

Why root canal treatment?

When the tissue in your tooth is infected, the dentist needs to remove this infection to prevent it from spreading to your jaw bone. An infection often leads to pain, which also makes it important to treat it.

How does it work?

At first the dentist finds out what the infection looks like through several X-rays, so he knows exactly where the infection is. Often the treatment is performed under local anaesthetics, so you don’t feel the treatment itself.

As soon as the anaesthetics start to work, the dentist will open the molar and remove the infection.

After that the dentist will clean the molar with a disinfectant flushing liquid.

As soon as the canals are filled, the dentist closes the tooth or molar with a filling. If the tooth is very damaged, a crown will be placed instead of a filling.

In some cases there is discoloration of the treated tooth or molar after a root canal treatment. There are different ways to remedy this. Your dentist will happily discuss the options with you.

De Kleine Wetering’s approach

Root canal treatments are not very well-known. A lot of times patients are worried about what exactly is going to happen and they are afraid it is going to be painful. When the dentist concludes that it is necessary to do a root canal treatment, he will calmly discuss it with you and explain exactly how it works.

If you still have any questions after the explanation or if you are worried about the treatment, please let us know! De Kleine Wetering has the “Lieve Tandarts” certification, which means we care about good, friendly treatment and explanation.

Want to know more?

If you would like to get more information about root canal treatment or if you are worried about the treatment, please feel free to contact us and we will explain how we can help you best.

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