Taking your family to the dentist

Coming to the dentist with your family can be quite a challenge. What are the kids doing while you’re in the chair and how do you make sure your kids show their teeth?

Even though taken young children along can lead to fun but sometimes challenging situations, they are more than welcome at de Kleine Wetering. Preferably inside the treatment room. To count teeth or brush together, for example. This way we want kids to feel at home at the dentist from a young age so that they won’t be afraid when we actually have to take a good look at their teeth when they are a bit older.

Getting to know the dentist at a young age

It is very important to feel comfortable and safe at the dentist at a young age, so that children actually like coming to the dentist and are familiar with oral hygiene from a young age. We enjoy taking the time to do this with you.

What you can expect from us?

We like to take our time for you and your family when you visit us. If a treatment is needed, we will explain it step by step and take the time for each treatment. That is why De Kleine Wetering is certified by the “Lieve Tandarts”, a certification that is given to patient, accessible dentists that guide patients through the process instead of just treating them.

Getting to know us with your family?

Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment. If there is anything special you would like to discuss or if there are things we should take into account, like fear of the dentist, please let us know so that we can take that into account

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