Professional dental cleaning

Would you like some extra attention to your teeth from one of our dental hygienists? In some cases our dentist will recommend this. It is also possible to make an appointment on your own initiative. For example because of complaints you have like bad breath, or complaints due to medication use or diabetes. In these cases, professional cleaning by a dental hygienist helps to maintain your dental hygiene.

In addition to the professional cleaning, the dental hygienist will give you tips to take care of your teeth and mouth as well as possible.

Even without a referral from your dentist

Do you need some extra tips for cleaning your teeth or do you want a professional dental cleaning? Even without a referral from the dentist you can make an appointment with the dental hygienist. The dental hygienist will pay extra attention to preventive dental care and the cleaning of your teeth. Read more about what a dental hygienist can do here.

Why professional dental cleaning?

You brush your teeth twice a day at home, so why is professional dental cleaning necessary?

When you brush your teeth yourself, you can’t always see if you are cleaning all of your teeth completely. Besides, the equipment that you have available at home is limited in comparison with the possibilities of a dental hygienist.

For example, if you have deep fissures, an inflammation of your gums or annoying symptoms such as bad breath, a dental cleaning done by a dental hygienist is highly recommended for you! The same goes for complaints like due to the use of medicine (mostly complaints like dry mouth) and problems caused by diabetes or smoking.

Tip: dental cleaning for special events

Professional dental cleaning can be a great for special occasions. Do you have a photo shoot, wedding or are the holidays coming up? After a professional dental cleaning your teeth will be in the best shape they can be for that special moment.

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